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Dunamis Architettura


Dunamis Architettura

The studio was founded in 2007 as the natural evolution of more than twenty years of  friendship between Stefano and Lorenzo. The shared aim is to create an enterprise which could take the passion for architecture which unites the founders, make it tangible and place it at the centre of their professional life. The studio’s work ranges from designing urban space to planning new builds, redeveloping existing structures and restoring monuments.


The underlying theme of the architectural work undertaken is the desire to bring contemporary language to everyday living, with particular attention to the complex relationship between man, building and place. Rather than imposing a single “mark” on different places, it is the unique character of a site and a commission that constitutes the starting point for the “architectural story“. The very environment in which we grew up guarantees us the ability to operate within established contexts with an approach that is truly contemporary, yet equally rooted in local culture and history. This thread runs through the ex-novo projects, and the same themes occur in the architectural exploration of the relationship between materials, local building culture and new technologies, and likewise in the constant search for a point of contact between craftsmanship and industrial production.


Essentiality is the stylistic key to our way of working. In architecture, only an intelligent identification of essential characteristics can transform the building into both the scene and the plot of a narrative, surrounding the user with the dreams, inspirations and atmosphere of the designer. The desire to contribute to the spread of a culture of quality in the spaces we live in, and the tricky task of bringing our interlocutors closer to the language of architecture, is transmitted through the simplicity and effectiveness of the language itself, and therefore the hope, with every project, of succeeding in the difficult attempt to make bricks speak.

The scene of operations

Architecture is considered an encounter and a convergence of diverse disciplines and, as such, it develops around the social, environmental and material aspects which constitute the ever-changing field in which the designer works every day. The very training which brings us together displays a particular attention to spaces which are already man-made, seen as inexhaustible sources of information, material culture and events to be interpreted. It is thanks to this shrewdness in our work that we succeed in the attempt to develop specific project solutions which can not only meet the demands of modern living, but also ensure a harmonious transformation of the setting, in which architectural language becomes expressive potential at the service of the client, the community, the urban space and everyday living.

Participation and Collaboration

Specialisation is considered a fundamental part of the process, and consequently, continuous collaboration between the individuals in the studio and external professionals and advisors is an aspect which imbues a project from the outset and contributes to the successful result of every design, which benefits from the input of various disciplines in the course of its creation.Sharing and coordinated management in both the planning stages and the building allow for the skills and knowledge of a team of specialists, making the working experience engaging and participatory.


In the Dunamis philosophy the issue of sustainability is not only the constant background during the planning phase, but a fixed point throughout the building process. Sustainability linked to the widest interpretation of “environment”, in which the human act of transforming a place implies true sustainability, unlimited in terms of time, extending to the entire life of the building. The challenge is to find a response to the collective responsibility of our age, without limiting ourselves to mere efficiency, to fulfil the criteria of resilience and to permeate the entire encounter (never confrontation!) between people and building. The search for an effective solution to these issues can only happen through architecture, by attempting to turn the place-environment combination – the classic root of design expression – into a value to be rediscovered in each new project.

Penso Piano

As well as being an homage to undisputed master Renzo Piano, behind this playful name we decided to create a place for discussion and growth, a place for debate through contributions – including those from outside – of issues linked to the world of architecture and, in particular, our country’s complicated relationship with the sector.  A tribute to critical thinking and reflection, an invitation to valorise our history and culture with the aim of making it a driver for the most current questions and difficulties arising from the man-made environment and the urban habitat.pensopiano@dunamisarchitettura.com