Dunamis Architettura

Dunamis Architettura


Box on a Square


The site of the project is on the edge of the town of Scoppito and is one of the first lands  to be built inside a larger housing development. The site, which is in direct contact with the road, is marked by a high exposure to the south side where the view extends to the surrounding wooded slopes that characterize  the Sirente mountain range.; the only contact with the current margin of the built is represented by the northwest side.

The project concept  sees two different protagonists of the architectural discourse interact.  A pure form,  generated by the  base square , through  an extrusion process and  an outer surface of the envelope which marks the whole building, with the distinctive feature of the dark brick curtain. Inside the volume and in adherence to two of the external fronts we find the “Box” which is home for the first floor , an element with a determinate longitudinal character that breaks the central square. All the surfaces which do not lean against  the limits of the extruded volume are coated with white plaster, as well as the cut that crosses the base volume along the main front.

The building is therefore characterized by a dual nature: in the eyes of those who go through the spaces around the  basic square , fronts appear almost completely blind and marked by the regularity of the curtain, while from the main front the development of the L shape of the building is perceived, with the upper floor that juts  above the entrance creating a large porch as a natural extension of the interior spaces.  On each of the two levels above ground there are fronts that open to the south punctuated by a series of openings that arise from the intense dialogue between square shapes or connected with them.

The building is on three levels. On the ground floor there is a large living area open  directly on the garden and closed to the south-east with an open kitchen. The main entrance leads to the straight scale that leads to the upper  floor. The whole range of entry is open to the entire height and lit by large skylights; the upper floor has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and opens  onto a large terrace on the roof proceeded from the basic volume. The master bedroom occupies the head of the building and enjoys the privileged overlooking towards the surrounding mountain landscape. The basement, as well as a double garage, cellar and utility rooms, also features a large sitting area open onto a patio basement dug on the south-east


Design Team: Dunamis Architettura (Stefano Balassone, Lorenzo Cantalini, Giovanna Marchei, Roberta Pezzuti)
Staff: Mariangela De Vita, Chiara Colapietro
Structural Project: Danilo Di Donato
Images: Mauro Mauriello

Scoppito (L’Aquila) – Italy



300 sqm – family dwelling

€ 350.000