Dunamis Architettura

Dunamis Architettura


Foliage House


The project consists of the reconfiguration and expansion of a rural building located on the outskirts of the municipality of L’Aquila, on an irregular-shaped plot of land lying on a marked slope characterised by the presence of dense oak woods. The existing structure – on two floors, one below ground level – is the result of a series of extensions over time which distorted the original layout of a traditional stone-built barn. The front is the only facade with a wonderful view towards the Gran Sasso mountain range, shared by all the main rooms.

The project involves the construction of an open-plan basement room which would connect the preexisting block to the extension built on the north-eastern corner of the plot; the echoing of the hut-type shape and the subsequent mutual reference between the two structures tends to underline their different building periods. The finishing of the lower section, a strongly distinctive feature of the entire project, is achieved using grooved and painted plaster in the typical shades of autumn leaves, to create a unifying effect that is deeply rooted in the natural surroundings.

Meanwhile, the upper sections will be covered in white plaster, as will the two pitched roofs, so that they appear as alien elements simply resting on a base whose colour scheme blends with its surroundings.


Architect: Dunamis Architettura Strutturale: Stefano Avola Images: Mauro Mauriello In collaboration with: Chiara Colapietro

L’Aquila (AQ) – Italia



210 mq – Laboratorio | 110 mq – Residenza

€ 430.000