Dunamis Architettura

Dunamis Architettura



‘Happy House’ Apartment Block


The project is born with a will to give a new identity to a building which is subject to replacement due to damages caused to it during the 2009 earthquake. The subject site is characterized on one side by the direct visual contact with the walled section of the city and on the other side by the wide view which opens up onto the bottom of the valley onto the mountainous chain of the Sirente.

The Happy House Apartment Block high building contains 8 apartments of the same size.

At ground level we find the garages and basements with a total surface area of 1600 sq meters.

The building envelope is conceived in compact form, raised from the underside with a double pitched roof with the ridge designed along the diagonal. The architectural reconfiguration of the volumes and of the pre existing areas was chosen to emphasize the dual nature of the site that offers enclosed visuals, typical of an old town, along with the wide views, typical of an urban environment; to this purpose on the south face a decomposition is revealed of a small block system which leaves gaps to the external view of the stairwell to the wide private patios that offer views towards the Aterno valley and the surrounding mountains.

On the North face a vertical cut indicates the entry. On top of the external volume which mends its way around a light well. The external area is characterized by a dialogue between two differing materials, an imaginary white envelope wraps the building and tensions around itself, from the balcony overhangs and the lateral volumes sections are omitted, so that glimpses of the internal volumes which are adorned by grey bricks can be seen. In the darker areas the disposition of the slits becomes casual and disorganized which in turn accentuates the double nature that characterizes the entire project.


Design Team: Dunamis Architettura (Stefano Balassone, Lorenzo Cantalini, Giovanna Marchei, Roberta Pezzuti)
Staff: Mariangela De Vita, Jole Boccabella
Images: Mauro Mauriello

L’Aquila – Italy



1.600 mq – Residential building with 8 housing units

€ 2.250.000