Dunamis Architettura

Dunamis Architettura


Stretched House


The concept for this project is for a spacious family dwelling developed by the interaction of a horizontal body covered by a pitched roof complete with two lower parallelepiped volumes. The first grows as a transversal extrusion from the main body and repeats all the materic treatments. In this way the green pitched structure continues over the garden which is situated on the roof before opening onto a wide terrace facing a valley looking onto the Aterno river. This volume is wrapped in a dark brick curtain wall level with the pitched section which hosts the living area and detaches from the ground in relation to the entry which passes underneath the dwelling and leads onto the central terrace which opens up into the entire building. The method of extrusion stops only along the line break dictated by a section of red pigmented concrete which continues to connect with the main building creating a wide opening on the roof which corresponds with the internal path at double the height. The second volume, at the top level, draws its nature from a breaking point that causes it to rotate and leave the orthogonal structure creating a slot at the hinge point. This section of building hosts the sleeping quarters of the dwelling  except for the master bedroom (situated on the upper level of the horizontal section) which is embraced and accompanied for the entire length by a linear section of concrete which encloses the patio and re emerges at the front defining the position of the garage below ground level.


Design Team: Dunamis Architettura (Stefano Balassone, Lorenzo Cantalini)
Images: Mauro Mauriello

L’Aquila (AQ) – Italy



220 mq – Family Dwelling