Accepting Challenges

Moving forward is in our DNA at Dunamis. Our objectives are clear, and we are prepared to confront new challenges we encounter along our path: we see projects are incessant acts of selection.

Peter Zumthor

“Why, I often wonder, is the obvious out difficult solution so rarely tried! Why do we have so little confidence in the basic things architecture is made from:
material, structure, construction, bearing and being borne, earth and sky, and confidence in spaces that are really allowed to be spaces – spaces whose enclosing walls and constituent materials, concavity, emptiness, light, air, odour, receptivity and resonance are handled with respect and care?”

Searching for a Balance

From the highest ridge we can enjoy the best view. Step after step and we reach the highest peaks. However, we must be careful. It is always a question of balance.

And Finally Space

Man’s experience in space is at the heart of our approach to design. This is because architecture is nothing when it does not contain life.

About us

Dunamis Architettura was founded in L’Aquila in September 2007. We are a multidisciplinary architectural team operating under the direction of its two founding partners Stefano Balassone and Lorenzo Cantalini. In May 2012 the team expanded with the arrival of a new partner, Giovanna Marchei, and the simultaneous opening of a new office in Rome.

Based on a coordinated method of collaborative work and constant research, our activities gravitate at various scales around the theme of historic buildings, accompanied by themes of restoration and retrofitting of existing buildings, to the design of new buildings in consolidated urban contexts or primarily natural settings.

The underlying theme of our research is the desire to bring the language of contemporary architecture toward the consolidated built environment; we investigate the evolution of manmade spaces through the interconnection of social, material and environmental questions, with a particular focus on the relationship man-building-site. The always unique character of each site and client dictate the starting point of any architectural concept and later serve as the guide for the entire design process.